AmplideX FMR1 PCR Process Control

Key Features and Values
  • Ready to use, well characterised Control (number of CGG repeats)
  • A single control covering multiple size ranges in FMR1 gene (Normal (NOR), Premutation (PM), Full Mutation (FM)
  • Assessment of sizing resolution for alleles separated by 2 CGG (30,32)
  • Amplification of low levels of FM alleles (5%) in presence of NOR and PM alleles (95%)
Product Description

The AmplideX FMR1 Control is proprietary mixtures of genomic DNA containing multiple alleles. This well characterised control can be used as process or batch controls covering multiple size ranges in the FMR1 gene.


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Code: 49513
Market: Available to the Italian Market
Clinical Area:
Analytical range: Normal, Premutation, Full Mutation
Classification: RUO
Number of Tests: 24 µL (12 test)
Sample Type: N/A
Sample Volume: 2 µL
Assay Range: Normal, Premutation, Full Mutation