Key Features and Values

– Same sample type can be used across all assays to simplify inclusion into routine serology work-up
– Ready to use reagents reduces hands-on time for assay preparation (1 lyophilised reagent)
– Long shelf life cost-effective solution by reducing wastage due to expired kits
– Suitable for inclusion on automated plate systems simplifies scale-up of test volume
– Supported by a complete panel of assays for supporting treatment monitoring of several forms of cancer

Product Description

Immunoenzymatic colorimetric method for the quantitative determination of hNSE ELISA concentration in human serum. hNSE ELISA kit is intended for laboratory use only.

Scientific Description
Neuron Specific Enolase (2-phospho-D-glycerate hydrolase) is an isoenzyme that belongs to the enolase family (homo- and heterodimer constituted of α, β and γ subunit) that is distinguished from these by the presence of the specific γγ heterodimer.
The clinical usefulness of hNSE like tumour marker is compared to non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), to neuroblastoma, to medullary carcinoma of the thyroid, pancreatic islet cell tumour and to non neoplastic condition of neuronal disease and cerebral trauma.
hNSE ELISA test cannot be used as a screening test for neuroendocrine tumours, but may be used to follow levels in established diagnosis.

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Code: DKO073
Clinical Area:
Incubation: 60+15 min
Sensitivity: N/A
Specificity: N/A
Classification: IVD, CE
Number of Tests: 96
Sample Type: Serum
Sample Volume: 25 μL
Assay Range: 4 - 100 ng/mL