Inhibin B ELISA

Key Features and Values

– 3 step Sandwich ELISA
– Highly specific
– Automation ready
– Long shelf life

Product Description

The US Inhibin B enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit provides materials for the quantitative measurement of Inhibin B in human serum and other biological fluids. This assay is intended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Scientific Description

Inhibin B is a dimeric hormone that is composed of alpha (α) and beta B (βB) subunits. The free alpha subunits usually do not have any physiological effect. Therefore, the bioactivity of the inhibin’s depends on the formation of a dimeric α-β structure, and only dimeric forms of inhibin’s are biologically active. Inhibin’s are protein hormones secreted by granulosa cells of the ovary in the female and Sertoli Cells of the testis in the male. They selectively suppress the secretion of pituitary follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and have local paracrine actions in the gonads. Inhibin B levels have been reported in Sertoli Cell function (potential marker for spermatogenesis and testicular function), ovarian reserve and granulosa cell tumors (1-5).


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Code: AL-195-i
Clinical Area:
Incubation: 60 mins + 30 mins + 15 mins + 10 mins
Sensitivity: N/A
Specificity: N/A
Classification: IVD, CE
Number of Tests: 96
Sample Type: Serum
Sample Volume: 50 µL
Assay Range: Up tp 550 pg/mL