We are pleased to announce the availability of 4 new assays within our product menu:

Ultra-Sensitive AMH/MIS ELISA


Inhibin A ELISA

Ultra-Sensitive Inhibin B ELISA

All assays have CE mark approval and kits are complementary to the products already available from DiaMetra supporting investigations into various conditions including assessment of ovarian reserve and infertility.  Additional parameters involved in such investigations may include several markers within our Steroid Hormone or Fertility Proteic Hormones portfolios.

Benefits of the above assays include:

  • High sensitivity and specificity to ensure accuracy in reported results
  • Long shelf life and open use stability to maximise usage of the kits
  • Automation ready to support incorporation onto open platform systems
  • Unique mAbs developed against specific linear epitopes (AMH kits)

For further information please view the product pages on the DiaMetra website using the links above or contact us.